My Favorite Things About Fall

When the temperature starts to lower after the blistering heat of the summer, you know it’s time.

It’s time for the sweaters, the comfy throw blankets, the mugs full of pumpkin spice latte (or your hot drink of choice), the stews and warm pies, the leaves dancing as they make their descent to the ground.

At least, the majority of the above has been true so far – Unfortunately, us Canadians are getting back some of that heat we hadn’t been missing!

Fall is one of the most beloved seasons, and it doesn’t take much thought to figure out why that is – It has the perfect in-between weather Spring generally shares. The difference? Fall is generally a drier season, and because it happens right after the summer, everything stays in a happy medium state. Sadly, Spring comes after winter (duh), making it far more wet as the snow slowly melts away to reveal new life.

One of the pleasantries of the cooler weather is the “dressing up” aspect; sweaters, sweaters, sweaters!

I love the summer, but every year I struggle to find clothing I actually like. There’s nothing covering nor revealing enough, it’s hot and by the end of the day I’m gross and sweaty. Can’t have hot drinks either, for the mostpart, though they’re the best thing on the planet. You want a nice coffee on a warm morning? Have fun overheating later.

In comparison, Fall is all about comfort. We’re getting ready to settle down for the winter, in our own type of hibernation. Maybe not “I’m just going to sleep all winter” (though I’m sure many of us would, if given the chance), but in a “You couldn’t pay me to move”. There’s too much fun stuff going on indoors, and you have the perfect excuse to stay there!

Nothing says Fall vibes more than the gorgeous, orange hues. The deep reds, and the pumpkins, and all the greatest things in the world.

You sit on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, or your favorite sweater, while scrolling through Instagram’s fabulously cozy feed, or reading your most anticipated book, or watching some spooky thrillers on tv.

And who could forget Halloween? The chance to dress up and have a night of partying and fun!

One of these days, I’d love to cosplay for the holiday. I’ve always loved the way some people have a talent for emulating a particular character, whether it be from a Disney film or an anime. I’ve even seen some pretty convincing Live folks! (Captain Hook from OUAT is..Mm…)

Now, writing this, I know there’s going to be a lot of people out there who aren’t going to get to celebrate to the full capacity this year. I want you to know, though…That this is an opportunity, rather than a problem. I can’t wait to see how people innovate for the holiday!

Maybe there won’t be trick-or-treating, but imagine setting up stuffies down the halls hiding candy for the kids!

Hold your own Halloween party! Make a blanket fort and fill it with fairy lights, or spooky things. Make your favorite seasonal foods, celebrate with glee!

At the end of the day, holidays like this one aren’t about a set list of rules. “How to Celebrate Halloween: Do a, b, c”. I mean sure, it can be that simple, but it can be so much more. I for one, can’t wait to light as many tealight candles (reusable) as I can around the apartment, turn the lights off and eat a box of tiny chocolates to myself while watching a Tim Burton film, sipping something warm and wearing cat ears – And ain’t no one judging me for it.

Take the opportunity – Plan something ain’t no one gonna judge you for!

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