Allowing Yourself Room to Breathe

Some days, you’re not going to want to do anything. Some days are really hard, and it’s a struggle to get up and get yourself going. Some days, you won’t have the motivation to get yourself going.

And that’s okay.

Too often, we treat each day like a chore. There’s a strict list of items to accomplish, and it isn’t up for debate. It must get done, whether you’re prepared to tackle it or not. By the end of the day, you’re so drained you can barely stand it. You try to tell yourself that you did well, but your body and mind disagree.

You need to give them what they need. They need days to rest, days where you’re especially kind to them.

If you miss a day, the world will continue on. If you allow yourself an hour, time won’t stop and wait until you’re done. You have room to let yourself relax, to take in your mental state and address it as you need.

Have you been kind to yourself today? What would make you happy right now?

I know I need to write, but I feel it – I feel the pressure when my depression gets me down. I feel it weigh heavy on my shoulders, and know I must work through it. I also know, however, that I can take a moment to ensure I’m doing as well as I can. In the moment, something as simple as a candle with a soothing scent can help.

Sometimes, you need to cry. Don’t stop yourself. It’s such a healthy outlet, and you need to allow yourself room to disperse those negative emotions you’re holding inside.

Your needs, at the end of the day, trump all else.

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