Life In Quarantine

It really seems like it’s been a wild ride since March, hasn’t it?

I’ve found ways to cope – Learned new things where I could, allowed myself time alone to recharge my batteries, spoken to loved ones where possible. I got back into reading and writing, which are by far the things I’ve been most pleased with.

Still, it’s been a pretty rough ride.

I think the most frustrating thing to watch has been how others just seem so nonchalant about the whole thing. Here I sit, writing and protecting my weak lungs (asthma’s a fun thing to have in times like these). Doing my best to do my part so my 70 year old father is safe.

And I’m constantly sitting here watching as others blatantly ignore precautions.

I think we’re all at a point where we can understand and sympathize with one another on how awful this situation is. I constantly find myself wishing that things were as they used to be. I miss going out to bars after work. I miss going to the theatre to see a movie with my family. I miss celebrating holidays and living my best life.

The lack of empathy from those who choose to do so anyways is staggering, though.

It just goes to show that humanity still has a long way to go before we can start living more caring lives.

Wishing everyone well through these difficult times, and one day? I hope I can give some of you a much needed hug. Things aren’t okay now, but they will be.

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