Balancing Full-Time Work with Passion

One of the most difficult things about following your passions, as I’ve found, is balancing work and life alongside it.

Trying to be an author while still working a full time job is a bit of a mess. Balancing that with mental health on top, and regular daily expectations is even more of a hassle. How are you supposed to handle it all?

I’ll tell you one thing – It isn’t easy to do by any regard. I tend to work late into the evening, and by the time I’m done I feel like my creative juices have been sapped.

…And I also have about a million other things I still need to accomplish.

I’m still honestly trying to play the juggling game, and trying to see what works and what needs to change.

One thing that really helps is prioritization. What is your energy capacity, and what are you able to do with what you’ve got? Since I need to do some marketing of my book while writing, and while working, I focus the majority of my attention to Instagram. I have my website / blog, I have a Facebook page, I have a Pinterest, but there’s only so much I can do on my own. So I pick the one that holds my interest the most, and the one I find I can be most consistent with.

Next is time management. Figure out a way to make a schedule that works. I personally use Notion, which is a free online tool that has a bunch of organization options. I’ll scope out my week in bullet point form, and that’s what I’ll run with for the mostpart. I like using tasks and other areas as well, but I’m less consistent with them. Kinda goes into the prioritizing thing I talked about earlier.

And I think the last thing is just reminding yourself that you can’t always do it. I try to write consistently, but some nights? It just won’t happen. And that’s okay.

That’s a sign that you’ve been doing too much and need a chance to recharge. Or, you need a break from work to focus your attentions elsewhere. I took a great 3 day weekend recently that actually helped clear my mind and allowed me to write at my best capacity.

The biggest thing though is finding a method that works for you. Some people need organization, others are good with a messy, chaotic way of running through things.

As long as it gives you the output you’re aiming for? Run with it!

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