Best Steps to Motivation

Hey everyone!

To start off, my bad for the lack of content here lately – Honestly, my mental health has taken a hit over the last few weeks. One thing you really want to avoid is burnout – And I’ve always been bad at taking my own advice.

That said, I’m back and kicking! So today I wanted to talk about the best ways to motivate yourself.

Any creative platform needs a solid mixture, like baking a cake. I think the main base of it will always need to be (say it with me now) self-care. You’re not going to be able to make a good cake if the foundation is missing; likewise, you can’t truly feed your creative juices if you’re overworking yourself or aren’t giving yourself the love and attention you need. So step one? Get that rolling.

Next will depend on a few things; what is it that excites you?

Most of my creative juices get working when I’m listening to music. I absolutely love music. Lyrics tell a story all their own, and I like to think I’m rewriting them from my own interpretation. A good song will ALWAYS motivate me to write, and get me excited to sit at the keyboard.

Another great motivator is reading – Yup, reading!

I don’t think every reader is necessarily a writer, BUT I do believe every writer should be a reader. After all, how are you going to be any good at your craft if you can’t enjoy the work of others, take some inspiration from it?

I have several authors I aspire to be like, meaning I own their books and will read them. Not only that, but I’ll reference them when I’m unsure of how I want to go about something.

Artists will be inspired by other’s paintings, musicians by other’s music. We’re all tied into the same creative base – Meaning we need to learn from one another and take example.

That follows into my next thought nicely – Learning. You need to be learning constantly. It isn’t enough to think you’re amazing just because you do the thing (granted, starting is the first and most important step). But if you go through your career as an author or writer thinking you know what’s what, and refuse to evolve, you’re never going to get further than where you currently stand. Maybe some of you are happy with that – And that’s okay!

I, for one, am not, and I strive to constantly work on and develop my writing. Dew is a great example of my roots. When I wrote it, it’s only purpose was to exist. That was my step one.

Now? I’m entirely aware that my next step is to do better. As much as I love Dew’s story, I didn’t necessarily write it out in the best way. Maybe someday I can do a second edition or a rewrite, but for now? It did what it was meant to do.

Now, if I don’t develop further, I won’t be happy with where I’m at because I know I can do better. Everyone has the capacity to improve.

So in short…

Rest, take care of yourself, find your muse / inspiration, and make sure you’re always learning!

I don’t have a clever way to end this one off tonight, so I’m just going to wish everyone well and hope this helped out in some way – Hope everyone is gearing up for some enjoyable holidays!!!

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