Review: A King So Cold

Title: A King So Cold

Author: Ella Fields

Genre: Erotica / BDSM

Rated: 3.9 on GoodReads

My Rating: 5.0


When marrying your enemy is only the beginning….

Once upon a time, there lived a princess so cruel that even her husband tried to destroy her.
The results left her without a father, her husband without a memory, and herself as queen to a kingdom on the cusp of war.

Even so, after learning of her treasonous husband’s upcoming nuptials, she set out to find him and locked him in her dungeon. There, and only there, would she unveil a time when she once allowed herself to be vulnerable. A past detailing how her heart was coaxed to beat outside her chest, only to have it crushed by the cold hands of betrayal.
But true vengeance will need to wait. War is coming, and with it, decisions and danger masked in treacherous beauty.
All too soon, the young queen will learn that time could be the most dangerous foe of all.

For it is time that would reveal all the ways a dead heart can beat anew.

Contains dark themes and a HEA. Recommended for 18+

My Review

This was one of my Insta-Recommended reads I had my fingers crossed for. After a disappointing DNF prior that seemed to have a similar plotline, I was all TikTok “Please don’t be ugly…Please…Please…!”

And let me tell you, the relieved and joyous OMG that followed has never felt better.

I have to say, I’m pretty surprised A King So Cold falls anywhere under a 4, even by a .1 – I enjoyed, but hated, every moment. Let me reiterate – This is a book that makes you feel constantly with every scene. There were so many times I was frustrated, desperate, near tears, heartbroken – You name it. The thing is? I enjoy a book that can make me feel that way through the words (rather than through poor writing…).

Audra is the young Queen of the Moon Kingdom, having taken over after the unfortunate events of her planned marriage to a Prince of the Sun Kingdom, Raiden. Despite some conflict as they first get to know one another, both seem to fall hard. And then comes the betrayal. Honestly? I get why Audra has such deep trust issues (childhood trauma aside). She rules with an iron fist, trying to convince those around her she’s cold and heartless but- But she sucks at it in the best way. Audra is a fierce and passionate young woman, and with the stress that comes with trying to run a Kingdom on her own at such a young age, I don’t blame her for being so prickly.

Thankfully, she’s not entirely alone – She has the Lord of the East by her side. And let me just say…WOW. I never exactly got the concept of book boyfriends before, but he is officially my first. This man struggles so hard, but he is the most amazing man I’ve ever read – He actually beats Hawke From Blood and Ash for me!

There’s much amiss in the country, and a lot of it is very…Complex. Anything I did outline here would end up being a spoiler, so we won’t go that deep.

I loved everything from the characters to the writing, and to the absolutely stunning chapter page art. Beautiful! I can see where some dark scenes come in – Not exactly gory, but if you’re not someone who enjoys reading of battles, blood, or if you’re sensitive about male bits, I’d probably steer you off of this one.

But honestly? This takes the place for my favorite read of the year so far. I can’t say enough good things about it, and to anyone 18+ who can handle some dark themes? Give it a try!!!

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